• Gaurvi Sharma

“Sometimes Home Has A Heartbeat”

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Story & Process

I started working on this artwork while we were looking for a house, this time, our own. The thought that one should own a house never occurred to me, I feel home is a feeling where you come to the people you love.

The tree outside our last rented home was a temporary house for many birds and critters. They used to come during the Spring when the tree was in full bloom with colour and fragrance but left when it shed all its leaves in the Autumn. It never felt like that those birds were homeless but when they were there, making nests and singing songs, I felt that home is more of a feeling and hence the title,“Sometimes home has a heartbeat”.

Shadow collage is a lengthier and complicated process compared to a normal collage because of the additional dimension it has.

The process is always very special to me. A normal collage has several pieces but a shadow collage has many layers which offer extra space to explore. It also has a scope for a lot of trial and error which I like and I learn new things as it slowly takes shape.

Here are some images from the process:

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